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Banu Hammad

Banu Hammad

Social Mobility and Class Officer 2018/19


About Banu

What is your favourite thing about LSE?

Prior to my LSE offer, many warned me of a lack of social life at the School, however, I can gladly say that I have never felt lonely or bored. I have made great friends and some amazing memories. Most of all, I have developed as a person in unimaginable volumes and truthfully, LSE has been absolutely instrumental in facilitating that. Academic or not, there are opportunities everywhere at LSE and with the right mindset, you can seek those out.

What's your role all about?

My role is all about ensuring that students from low socioeconomic backgrounds are sufficiently represented in what may, at first glance, appear to be a corporate machine. The responsibility to rouse the social mobility movement at the LSE rests on my shoulders. I am tasked with, firstly, empowering students from such backgrounds into believing that they earned their places at the School and secondly, ensuring that they continue to grow both at the LSE and beyond.

What advice would you give to someone new at LSE? OR Describe yourself in three words?

One crucial piece of advice that I would offer prospective LSE students is to understand that when we claim that we do not have enough time for a social life, extracurricular activities or whatever else it may be, we are often fooling ourselves. Your undergraduate degree will only last three years so do ensure that you make the absolute most of it. Get stuck into a plethora of projects, societies and social circles. If not now, when?

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