The Weston Cafe

LSESU Weston Cafe LSESU Weston Cafe


LSESU Weston Cafe 


The Weston Café has an incredible range of pastries, cakes and all sorts of tasty goodies to satisfy your sweet tooth. Treat yourself to a cup of our Fair Trade tea or coffee to go with it and you're ready for the perfect pick-me-up in between classes.


If it's something healthy you're after, grab one of our delicious freshly-made smoothies – the Brainiac is especially good! 


The café also features a roof terrace, which offers an impressive view of London's skyline – it's the ideal spot to spend time when the sun is shining on campus. 


When we're open:

Monday–Friday, 10am–5pm (term time)


Where to find us:

6th Floor, Saw Swee Hock Student Centre


Special offers 

Early Bird DealFreshly Made Smoothies