Education Officer


Jasmina Bidé



Jasmina Bidé

Education Officer 2016–2017


Hi, I’m Jasmina and I am your Education Officer.


I was elected to represent you in order to ensure that your academic experience at LSE is as fulfilling as possible.


I loved my time at LSE and hope you will to. If you have any questions, comments, or thoughts about your education at LSE— whether it is to do with teaching style or study spaces—please let me know.


Alternatively you can just stop in for a chat, education-related or otherwise. I can usually be found in and around the Saw Swee Hock Student Centre when I’m not meeting with the School.


If you see me, say hello! I’m here to represent you.


Get in touch



Ext: 7471


Follow me on Twitter: @jasminabide





Jazzing up education



I’ll re-prioritise what matters to LSE students, and be a strong and productive representative on School committees.


I’ll JAZZ UP YOUR EDUCATION by lobbying to:


CENTRE Student demands: Insufficient time and resources are spent prioritising student education.


I’ll actively campaign for:

EARLY exam and class timetables release.

January Exams for Masters students and half units.

More Flexibility for class changes.

SSLC Representatives supported by SU campaigns for real change.


Ensure HIGH QUALITY Across ALL departments.


I’ll lobby each department for:

Summer Exam Retakes.

Exam Feedback.

Rise in GTA pay for better teaching. Happier GTA’s = happier students!  

Crush BARRIERS to LSE Education: Our education must be accessible and welcoming to all students. We should be able to go to classes, speak up and contribute meaningfully.


I’ll work with the other Sabbs to:

FREEZE international fees and lobby for more bursaries.

Close BME attainment gaps.

Decolonise our curriculum.

Campaign against PREVENT.