Esohe Uwadiae

Esohe Uwadiae

Education Officer 2017–2018


Es We Can!

Hi I’m Esohe and I’m running to be your Education Officer.


Having been an Academic Board representative, worked on six LSESU committees and a Peer Supporter for LSE’s Student Counselling, I know what works and how it works at LSE.





  • Launch: a pre-university transition scheme, pre-exam workshops, student review of class and seminar structure and a ‘Rate my Module’ page
  • Ensure: lecture capture is mandatory, early notification of results for students who have failed and that academic advisors are assigned for your whole degree
  • Reform: the extenuating circumstances system, exam barring procedures and the LSE app to include features such as checking PC availability


  • Joint honours students: create a centralised management structure for joint honours students
  • Social Mobility: campaign against further fee increases, skills audit and personal development plan
  • Mature and Part-time students: develop an online information hub, introduce SSLC reps for part-time students
  • Postgraduates: standardise the dissertation information dissemination process, impose deadlines to pull suspended/discontinued modules advertised
  • Disabled students: Have Individual Exam Arrangements applied for entire degree


  • Lobbying for compulsory exam feedback; assessment and curriculum diversification; increased investment in GTA pay and training and
  • Tackling the BME attainment gap