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Candidate for the position of Community and Welfare Officer


Accessible, Social, Supportive: Vote David #1


Accessible, Social, Supportive: Vote David #1 for Community and Welfare Officer


    Support at LSE should be clear and intuitive. But it isn’t.

  • LSE Support Map: clear information in one place about what is available and how to use it.
  • Consent workshops that are worth attending for all LSE students.
  • Hold the LSE to account on promised changes to guidance on inclusion plans.


  • Wind-Down Wednesdays: Make use of Wednesday afternoons for LSE students outside of the AU to focus on self-care and meet each other over discounted events and activities on and around campus.
  • Events throughout the year for post-graduate students, to build networks beyond their course mates.


  • Wellbeing Week: A week that aligns education and careers with self-care through talks and workshops from leading people in industry about their experiences in and out of the corporate world.
  • Improved training for club and society committees to empower them as influencers on campus, always striving for a more positive culture at LSE.
  • Working with the PTO’s and students to deliver an improved student experience.

Club & Endorsments: 

Chess, Dance Club, Hockey, Lacrosse, Mauy Thai, Mixed Ultimate Frisbee, Netball, Opera and Ballet Society, Pole Fitness, Squash, Welsh society, Women in Politics, Women's Football, Women’s basketball, Alternative Careers