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Candidate for the position of Disabled Students' Officer

Jesser Horowitz

Accept Nothing Less

I’ve been fighting for disability liberation for my entire life: first as self-advocate, second as a student activist. I’m at LSE because I want to bring disability rights to light internationally. The first step in doing so is the reject compromise: we’re done being told no, we’re done waiting, we’re done negotiating. Here’s the solution:

- I will fight every day for universal design. Every building, every event should be equally accessible for every student.

- I will always be available for disabled students.I want to make sure to represent all the voices that make our community unique, and ensure that all of our accessibility needs are respected and met.

This campaign is not about me, it’s about a movement. It’s about disabled students demanding that we will be heard, that we will be respected, and that we will accept nothing less.

Endorsed by: Philosphy soc