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Candidate for the position of Activities & Development Officer



My name is Ellie Duplock and I’m running for the role of A&D Officer. I have SU-facing experience as a member of the AU Exec and Boxing Secretary which has highlighted to me some opportunities for positive change within the Students Union. I aim to deliver the following: 


1. Greater transparency from the SU for funding applications and the establishment process of clubs and societies


2. Inaugural clubs and societies events to consolidate greater interaction between societies and the Athletics Union. Experience delivering Fight Night 2020 equips me well for this task.


3. Establishment of an advisory service to help students contracting venues or services on a long-term or permanent basis for their clubs and societies to operate.


4. Unify campaigns in the Students Union from different student groups tackling the same issues. This would enable greater focus on a specific campaign, more efficiency in shared spaces and the establishment of student committees passionate about progress.


5.Creation of an SU-led volunteering recognition scheme for clubs and societies, with information available on volunteering opportunities.


6. Reducing pressures to engage with drinking, providing alternative events and options, and offering support and advice.


Women’s Interfaith Group, Women’s Rugby, Snow, Sustainable Futures, Lacrosse,  Swimming, Football, French, Yoga, Welsh, Netball, Labour & Cooperative, Kitesurfing, Jewish, Entrepreneurs, Waterpolo, Dance, STAR, Hockey, Rowing, Ultimate Frisbee