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Candidate for the position of Women's Officer

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Sumaya Osman

for ALL women. period.


As a Black Working-Class Muslim Women, I believe intersectionality is incredibly important as there is no homogenous female experience.

My aim is to work alongside the LGBTQ and anti-racism officers to create solidarity in stamping out discrimination.

I pledge to create a safe space for ALL women, non-binary and transgender to feel heard and empowered.


Sexual Violence Support 

Improve awareness of facilities available. Ensuring each department releases an email at the start of the year that explicitly outlines the process of reporting assault with contact details attached.

The separation between pastoral care and academic tutors to create safe contacts in every department.

Work alongside Handsoff LSE to ensure motion is passed.



My aim is to introduce a ‘Women's Festival’ a weekend away in collaboration with all women-led societies. A weekend filled with team-building outdoor activities, networking, sharing experiences and creating a unified female community. 


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