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Candidate for the position of International Students' Officer

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Jay Konstantinov

We are human beings, not identities.

Hi. We've probably met at LSE Life. I probably joked about something and you laughed. Let me tell you a bit more about myself.

I grew up in poverty on the outskirts of Moscow. I have a specialist (5 years) degree in journalism. I speak Spanish. I am a successful web publisher. I am at LSE to gain research skills to be able to study anything I want. I am particularly interested in discourse analysis and theories of cognition.

In my country, I and my colleagues have stood up for people's individual dignity, the right to be themselves. And then I came to LSE to discover that international students here are force-fed thinking in "groups" and identities. I am running for this post to put an end to orientalism at LSE and make LSE a place of celebration of humans rather than what divides them.

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