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Candidate for the position of Creative Network Chair



'The Internship applicant(s) must be creative.'

I would not still be at this university if it wasn't for learning there is a small but passionate community at LSE who care about the arts.

I want to make sure anyone creatively minded is able to feel like they can belong and thrive here. There is too much talent here that doesn't get seen, and it's time to bring it to the front and centre. 

Lets awaken more people to the talent that quietly thrives and create more support between creative societies.

- Maintain Student Fairs & get them bigger and better.

- Creative Union Membership which offers discounted tickets to Creative Events.

- Board in the SU which lists Creative Events every week.

- Create an email chain which sends round a weekly event list to Creative Union Members.

- Creative Union Social Events & regular meetings between Presidents.

... more to come!


Drama, Lacrosse, Yoga, Jewish, Food Cycle, Amnesty international, Futsal, Dance, STAR, Rowing,