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Candidate for the position of Education Officer



Effective Representation for a Better Education

I spoke with many of you in the past two years, while working as LSE LIFE Study Adviser, while representing you as Mature and Part-time Officer, or simply as a fellow student. What you and I want is simple: for LSE to provide an Education that lives up to its reputation and includes all students, no matter their background.

To achieve this, I will:

  • Work with LSE to ensure that all academic staff can clearly communicate their expectations and demands to all students: asking us to “be critical” or to “have an argument” is meaningless without clear explanations
  • Lobby LSE so that it employs a less precarious academic workforce, ensuring continuity and consistency of teaching across academic years
  • Ensure that LSE’s efforts and initiatives to improve teaching and education are coherent, inclusive and student-oriented; in high-level meetings, I will be reasonable but firm
  • Work with students to find ways to bridge gaps across Departments, and give them platforms through which they can engage and interact academically across disciplines

I will ensure that past efforts from my predecessors do not go lost, and will work to reinforce existing successful initiatives (Black History Month, Change Makers).