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The Saw Swee Hock building, home of LSESU

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Candidate for the position of Athletics Union Executive

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Buoy'd Will Keep The AU Afloat

The AU is the best part of uni. It's where we've all made friends, had success in sport, and a lot of fun.
Unfortunately, it's underserved by LSE. Some societies get more funding than the entire AU combined.
My main priorities as AU Exec will be:

  1. Securing more funding for our clubs - Through lobbying the uni, providing better support for club fundraisers, and creating a sponsor network to make finding sponsorship easier for smaller clubs
  2. Dealing with the communication issues between clubs and the AU
  3. Increasing transparency of funding for all clubs and societies so club execs know if they’re getting a fair deal
  4. Keeping AU Ball tickets below £60

I’ve experience working with the SU and the AU; Rosebery President in 1st Year, and Lacrosse Club Captain in 2nd year, so send any questions you have, and vote for me 1st Preference!

Buoy’d Will Keep The AU Afloat!

club and society endorsments:

Netball - Cricket - Hockey


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