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The Saw Swee Hock building, home of LSESU

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Candidate for the position of Activities & Development Officer



Whatever It Takes

I have identified where we perform well and where we must excel.

*Sporting Success Shift

I believe we are successful in encouraging participation, however lack in encouraging competition.

* Instauration of Halls of Residences Championships with sport events between residences and an awards ceremony.

* Implementation of an LSE Sports Day involving all students.

* Installation of LSE Sports Hub, online platform integrating news, fixtures, league tables and club contacts.

* Publication of an LSE Sports Record Book.

* Introduction of Next Level Award. An athlete recognition award following any competition achievements with winners given a medal and Beaver feature.

*Society Significance Shift:

A drastic increase in support from the ARC so societies can host the academic year’s most anticipated events.

* Establishment of performance indicators for the ARC. To ensure monitoring of the service given to societies.  

* Response time revolution. Email responses under 3 days. Financial reimbursement and event approval under 7 days. Room booking authorisation up until 4 days before event.

* Launch of a ‘Society from Scratch’ programme in 2018, providing formal guidance to those founding a new society.

* Society only assemblies, seperate from the AU, since issues faced are very different.

Clubs and Societies Endorsment:

African Caribbean - Boxing - Cocktail Society - Dance Club - Fashion society - Fives - Hindu Society - Muay Thai Club - Nigerian - Rowing Club - Chess

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