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Candidate for the position of Education Officer

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  1. Student led cross departmental teaching review
  • A combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis; retention rate, dropout rates, retakes, etc.
  • The aim is to provide a true reflection of student academic experience not skewed by institutional bureaucracy
  1. Create an online system for module reviews
  • Allows for honest student commentary
  • Environmentally friendly
  1. LSE100 Review and Reform
  • Conduct a review by surveying students
  • Findings will be analysed and reforms proposed at open student consultations with SSLC Reps
  • Reforms will be taken to students in a vote
  1. Exam based tutoring offered after reading week of MT and throughout LT
  • Tutors will be sourced by an increase of pay for GTAs
  • 2019/2020 trial year for compliant departments
  1. The end of mandatory non-assessed class presentations
  • Students should be given the choice to present so as to form part of their module grade or simply opt out


  • Bi-annual course rep Forum in September and January
  • Course Rep Committee (For teaching review and LSE100 Reform)
  • Like Me Campaign: a week of workshops with successful professionals from underrepresented backgrounds
  • LSESU Exhibits


  • Exam feedback, results and timetables
  • Diversifying assessments and curriculum
  • Transition Scheme 
  • Resits
  • BME Attainment Gap

Club and Society Endorsements: 

African Caribbean - Bangla Society - Boxing - Dance Club - fashion society - Intersectional Feminist Society - Islamic - Labour and Cooperative - Netball - Nigerian - Palestine Society - Russian Business and Culture Society - Social Mobility Society - Women Leaders of Tomorrow - Women's Basketball Club - Women's Rugby - British People of Colour

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