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The Saw Swee Hock building, home of LSESU

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Candidate for the position of Athletics Union Executive



Vote Kiehl, she's the real deal!

As one of the LSE Inspirational Sportswomen, I’m running to be on your AU Exec. Managing 135 rowers in 8 teams as the Rowing Vice-President, I am well prepared to represent your diverse interests and promote sports excellence!

I will focus on:

  1. STUDENTS FIRST: Book out the Venue for every Wednesday night slot and allocate it fairly among AU Clubs -prevent the SU from selling it to externals.
  2. AFFORDABILITY: Make AU events more affordable and increase transparency of where the money goes.
  3. AU SPIRIT: Increase bonding across the AU with more interclub competitions and socials (interclub pub crawls, quiz nights). 
  4. AU FOR ALL: Get an LSEAU float at the London Pride Parade and focus on making the AU even more inclusive and diverse.
  5. DIGITALISED PROSPECTUS: Help clubs recruit more newcomers through an interactive digitalised AU-wide brochure with pictures/videos of clubs.

Vote Kiehl #1 to #FeelTheKiehl!


Club and Socs Endorsements: 

Athletics and running club - Banlga - Boxing - Cocktail Society - Music Society - Rowing Club - Tea society - Women's Basketball Club

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