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The Saw Swee Hock building, home of LSESU

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Candidate for the position of Women's Officer



Free Menstrual Products. Intersectionality. Activism.


Intersectionality. Active engagement with issues affecting women and non-binary people. Free menstrual products.

To achieve these things, I will:

  • Lobby the SU for funding for free menstrual products. The SU building is particularly suitable for this because it has gender neutral toilets so the menstrual products will be available to trans students who need them.

  • Organise a conference to showcase and celebrate the female academics at the LSE.

  • Encourage students to engage in activism both within and outside LSE - for example, by organising LSE blocs at events like the Women’s Strike demo.

  • Take the consent workshop initiative further by working towards better attendance and better attitude towards workshops.

  • Meet with societies/groups that represent minorities to ensure the changes I make don’t just benefit straight white women on campus.

  • Work closely with the other part time officers to make sure my work is as intersectional and inclusive as possible.


Club & Society Endorsement 

  • Pride: Gender and Sexual Diversity Alliance
  • LSESU Welsh Society
  • Intersectional Feminist Society
  • LSE SU Human Rights
  • Labour and Cooperative
  • Netball
  • Drama Society
  • Geography & Environment Society
  • Music Society
  • Bangla Society
  • Women's Basketball Club
  • Women Leaders of Tomorrow
  • Jewish Society
  • Gaming Society
  • Debate Society
  • LSESU Hindu Society
  • Dance Club
  • African Caribbean
  • Muay Thai Club
  • Philosophy, Politics and Economics Society
  • Women's Rugby
  • Chess


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