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Candidate for the position of Social Mobility & Class Officer



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1. Ensure more rigorous vetting procedures for social mobility schemes.

As it stands, eligibility for programmes can be reduced down to the ticking of a box. To ensure fairness, students ought to be given an option through student finance to grant data access permission to bodies such as Widening Participation.

2. Organise career access schemes for students.

These year-long schemes will be comprised of training days tailored to assist students with applications, interviews and entry tests. Such schemes are lacking on campus and, thus, will fill a void of opportunities for relevant students in regard to accessing what appears to be inaccessible to so many.

3. Transition mentoring programmes that will run through Michaelmas term.

Having access to a support mechanism who is of a similar background will help with the temporary imposter syndrome that many socially-disadvantaged freshers know all too well.

4. Provide an academic skills service.


Club & Society Endorsements

  • Welsh Society
  • Intersectional Feminist Society
  • Human Rights
  • Islamic
  • Labour and Cooperative
  • Palestine Society
  • Bangla Society
  • Women Leaders of Tomorrow
  • Social Mobility Society
  • Nordic Society
  • Hindu Society
  • Cocktail Society
  • Philosophy, Politics and Economics Society
  • British People of Colour
  • Hockey


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