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The Saw Swee Hock building, home of LSESU

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Candidate for the position of Academic Network Chair


Let's give societies their voices back

It's far harder to run a society at the LSE than it should be. After two years with the Grimshaw Club, I know what works and doesn't in the Student Union and at the LSE more broadly, and I've worked with other society leads to address this. Beyond helping inform the promising reforms the SU recently began to commit to, we've escalated the issue by writing directly to Director Shafik and through a recent article outlining what needs to change at the LSE.

My priorities would be threefold:

  1. To continue streamlining the SU Room Booking, Finance and Freshers Fair processes
  2. To work with the SU to apply pressure on unaccountable organs like LSE Room Bookings
  3. To go beyond troubleshooting by pushing for new features like improved newsletters, more flexible funding streams and a more transparent feedback process

It might be a long road but we're well on our way to achieving real change.

Club & Society Endorsements

  • Athletics and running club
  • Tea society
  • Music Society
  • Bangla Society
  • Rowing Club
  • Fives
  • Women's Rugby


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