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The Saw Swee Hock building, home of LSESU

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Candidate for the position of Disabled Students' Officer



Equal Opportunities to Procrastinate!

I am 32 years old and studying MSc Human Rights (involuntarily part-time). Living and studying with a chronic illness, I have not had the best experience in the meeting with the Disabilities and Wellbeing Service (DWS) or the system around it. Disabilities are as diverse as we are, and everyone has the right to an equal opportunity to education. At this time – this is not the case at LSE.


  • Creating a safe environment for Disabled Students to come forward with needs and concerns.
  • Responsibility and accountability for the implementation of each students Inclusion Plan.
  • Better communication between DWS, Departments, Library, Estates and Student Services.
  • Individual Exam Adjustments to in fact be individual – with the IEA panel providing reasons for decisions.
  • Incorporating Assistive Technology as the norm for disabled students who need them on exams.
  • Study spaces on campus specifically for disabled students (with e.g. concentration difficulties).

Club & Society Endorsements

  • Pride: Gender and Sexual Diversity Alliance
  • Welsh Society
  • Intersectional Feminist Society
  • Human Rights
  • Islamic
  • Labour and Cooperative
  • Netball
  • Drama Society
  • Geography & Environment Society
  • Bangla Society
  • Women Leaders of Tomorrow
  • Nordic Society
  • Cocktail Society
  • Women's Rugby
  • Hockey


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