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Candidate for the position of Member of Trustee Board

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Yuvraj Khetan

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Hello! I’m Yuvraj, a second-year BSc Economics student standing for Member of the Trustee Board.

You might be wondering what someone on the Trustee Board actually does?

Here are my main responsibilities and what I hope to do to fulfil them:

Ensure that Everything LSESU does Benefits Students:

  • Prioritise issues based on what is most important to students
  • Reduce bureaucracy to ensure that it is easier for students to engage with LSESU

Ensure that LSESU Remains in Good Financial Shape, Including Approving the Annual Budget:

  • Improve efficiency in funding for events and societies
  • Increase transparency of LSESU finances

Help Shape the Future of LSESU:

  • Collect feedback on the state of LSESU from students
  • Implement changes based on the feedback to influence the future of LSESU

I hope you will give me the opportunity to turn these ideas into action!

Club & Society Endorsements

  • Canadian Society
  • Gaming Society
  • Philosophy, Politics and Economics Society
  • Chess