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Candidate for the position of Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) Officer

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Momen Sethi

Back Momen's Equality! BME!

1. Relaunch the BME series providing a fund and framework to host events and research

- The BME community faces many cultural challenges, so we must create dialogue on critical issues relevant to us, whilst helping the wider community!


2. Improve the representation of BME thinkers in LSE courses

-  LSE prides itself on being international yet provides limited opportunities to study a range of thinkers across modules. Therefore, increased course diversity is a must!


3. Pledge BME Curriculum Scholarships

-  Many students from a BME background face academic and economic challenges. Why not tackle such issues together by providing BME students with the tools to realise their potential?


4. Audit and improve the BME mentoring scheme

-  BME’s need an inside perspective into the workplace, thus it is essential that the mentorship scheme is launched well and continuously improved!


Vote Momen #1 for BME Officer!

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Islamic - Palestine Society - Music Society - Bangla Society - Women Leaders of Tomorrow - Gaming Society - Nordic Society - Hindu Society - Cocktail Society - Fashion society - Boxing - Chess - Hockey - Labour and Cooperative