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The Saw Swee Hock building, home of LSESU

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Candidate for the position of Raising & Giving (RAG) President

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The only WAY is SELWAY!

Charity and giving back to the community forms a big part of my life.
I’ve had lots of prior experience with RAG, including humiliating myself for charity, and as Events Officer I have organised numerous fundraising events. 

My goal is to encourage everyone to see the FUN in FUNDRAISING.


*Encouraging participation throughout the year through more activities, including pressing for presence in introductory freshers lectures

*Pioneering a Halls Representatives scheme to improve awareness for activities 

*Generating widespread awareness of the rewards of volunteering


*Providing assistance to fundraisers by other societies or groups of students to encourage initiatives on/off campus

*Diversifying our successful events plans by
a)Providing more non-alcoholic social alternatives
b)Ensuring more variety in club venues for fundraisers

*Liaising with LSE Volunteer Centre to encourage greater charitable collaboration among the entire university

I have great RAG experience, and fundraising expertise, so SELWAY is the only WAY to vote!

Club & Society Endorsements

  • Pride: Gender and Sexual Diversity Alliance
  • Welsh Society
  • Intersectional Feminist Society
  • Athletics and running club
  • Human Rights
  • Islamic
  • Labour and Cooperative
  • Netball
  • Tea society
  • Drama Society
  • Geography & Environment Society
  • Music Society
  • Bangla Society
  • Women Leaders of Tomorrow
  • Gaming Society
  • History Society
  • Nordic Society
  • Hindu Society
  • Cocktail Society
  • Dance Club
  • Philosophy, Politics and Economics Society
  • LSE Women's Rugby
  • Chess
  • British People of Colour
  • United Nations
  • Hockey


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