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Candidate for the position of Anti-Racism Officer



I want to be your Anti-Racism officer and am committed to working hard to fight racism and discrimination on campus!

I want to:

  • start on campus campaigns and hold events on specific race issues and movements, for example, a campaign on racist micro agressions, events around the Black Lives Matter movement and more
  • create safe spaces and forums for students to raise concerns of racism on campus and in halls - and provide access to support for these students 
  • introduce better systems of reporting racist and discriminatory and work to make sure all students are aware of these processes
  • work with the BME officer to address the barriers that institutional racism creates for BME students, such as through the mentorship programme 
  • campaign for training for islamophobia and anti semitism awareness to be available for students and staff

Club and Society Endorsements:

Athletics and running club - Bangla Society - Cocktail Society - Cricket - Geography & Environment Society - Intersectional Feminist Society - Islamic - Jewish Society - Labour and Cooperative - Netball - Nordic Society - Palestine Society - Philosophy, Politics and Economics Society - Pride: Gender and Sexual Diversity Alliance - Tea society - Women Leaders of Tomorrow - Women's Rugby - Chess - British People of Colour - Hockey