Meet your new student representatives for 2019-20, as voted by you! Thank you to everyone that voted and got involved in the elections process.

Watch the live-streams from the results night!

Results Night Part 1           Results Night Part 2

Full Time Officers

General Secretary

Zulum Elumogo

Activities & Development Officer

Jack Boyd

Community & Welfare Officer

David Gordon

Education Officer

Martha Ojo

Part-Time Officers

Athletics Union President

Harry Barber

BME Officer

Walid Hasanzadeh

Environment and Ethics Officer

Saskia Straub

International Students' Officer

Mishal Murad

PhD Officer

Thom Herzmark

Raising and Giving President

Victoria Throen Longhi

Social Mobility and Class Officer

Sadia Sheeraz

Women's Officer

Maria Golub

Committee Members

Athletics Union Executive

Eleanor Duplock

Athletics Union Executive

Jamie Orsin

Athletics Union Executive

Juliette Glennon-Alty

Athletics Union Executive

Natalia Kaczmarczyk

Athletics Union Engagement Officer

Sam Rowlands

Democracy Committee Member

Alice Bennett

Democracy Commitee Member

Gulten Dana

Democracy Commitee Member

Josh Freeman

Democracy Commitee Member

Zuzanna Palion

Democracy Commitee Member

Re Open Nominations (Michaelmas Term 2019-20)

Member of Trustee Board

Inka Pearson

Academic Network Chair

Angus Reilly

Activity & Special Interest Network Chair

Tze Tong Yap

Arts & Performance Network Chair

Josie Stephens

Careers Network Chair

Mark Sriskulpinyo

Charity, Campaigning & Political Network Chair

Sharif Kazemi

Faith Network Chair

Adam Asher Tabib

National & Cultural Network Chair

Farhana Aktar