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The Saw Swee Hock building, home of LSESU

Club & Societies Committee Welcome Event

This event is being delivered by the Communities team to welcome club and society committee members into their roles before term starts.

Friday 18 September 2020
11am - 2pm

This year we are switching up our committee welcome programme and holding it completely virtual. The Clubs and Societies Committee Welcome Event provides all committee members with key pieces of information to be able to attend the virtual welcome fair, know key process updates so your group can operate effectively in MT and we will give you space to ask any questions you may have. 

What Committee Memebers should attend?

This event is open to all committee members however it is compulsory for at least one member of each club or society committee to attend the 1st webinar of the day at 11am to get the welcome fair briefing. We advise all committee members to attend sessions, activities and stalls where possible. 

The Event Schedule

The event will run from 11am - 2pm with sessions, Interactive Activities & Virtual Stalls.

Webinars & Interative Activities

Time Session Title Registration Link Meeting ID
11:00 - 11:30AM Webinar: Meet the Team & Welcome Fair Briefing Registration Link 926 8068 6874
11:30 - 11:45AM Activity: Collaboration Corner Facebook Groups  
11:45 - 12:05PM Webinar: Meet Your Sabbatical Officers Registration Link 931 2775 2670
12:05 - 12:15PM Activity: STARS Criteria Launch Facebook Groups  
12:15 - 1:00PM Webinar: Processes & Question Time Registration Link 983 1509 7354
1:00 - 1:20PM Optional Webinar: BUCS & Sports Update Registration Link 982 4056 9087
1:20 - 1:40PM Optional Webinar: Creating A Digital Community Registration Link 946 3719 9836

Virtual Stalls

Time Virtual Stall Stall Zoom Link Meeting ID
1:00 - 2:00PM Funding Pots Zoom Link 948 0148 8191
1:00 - 2:00PM Campaigns Zoom Link 958 1764 8420
1:00 - 2:00PM Finance & Expense 365 Set Up Zoom Link 912 2743 6003
1:00 - 2:00PM General Info & Questions Zoom Link 939 5476 0334

Joining Instructions:

You will also be sent a remind of this a few days before the event.

To attend the webinars you must register using the links above and you will sent the link to Join, please use this link on the day. The Meeting ID links will be posted in the Facebook groups on the morning of just incase.

To attend the activities you must join the committee facebook groups and ensure you fill in the questions telling us what group you are. Join the Societies Committee Group Here and join the Sports Clubs Committe Group Here.  Please note if you do not tell us what group and role you are we will not accept your request to join. 

To attend the virtual stalls, simply click the link above on the day. (They will not be live until the event).

We look forward to meeting your all properly and supporting you in preparing for the start of Michaelmas Term. If you have any questions about this event (including the schedule, registration issues or attendance) please email us at You will earn points for your STARS criteria by attending this event. 

Event FAQ's

Not a problem, we will be emailing everyone the day before the event with a meeting ID's and zoom links for everything so just keep an eye out on your emails.
We have created private groups on facebook where we communicate with committee leaders regularly so we dont always put everything in the newsletter. You can Join them at the links above.
You do not have to attend the whole event, the 1st and 3rd webinar are the most important. If possible please try and attend those. If you still can't please try and send someone for your committee in your place to feedback back to you.
It's not a problem, please just let us know by emailing us at so we can make sure you are sent the follow up information and links to catch up after the event.
No this event is different, it is an opportunity to get updated on what is currently happening in the Union, get and update on processes that have changed and get your virtual welcome fair briefing.
We wanted to make this event flexible, we understand different committee members need different things. Therefore we only wanted to make the first webinar compulsory so you can get updated on the virtual fair. Webinars - you have to sign up to so we can monitor who is attending and awards stars points later in the year. A member of staff will present information in webinars with a presentation. Virtual Stalls - You simply go to the stall you want to go to by clicking the zoom link on this page. It will open up a zoom meeting with a member of staff who will be available to answer your questions or give you information related to the topic of the stall.