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The Saw Swee Hock building, home of LSESU

Ring Round the Moon

LSESU Drama Society presents Ring Round the Moon. Join us as we present our second play of the term, a hilarious production with more chaos than you ever thought possible...

Thursday 02 December 2021
7pm - 10pm

When the poor, beautiful dancer Isabelle gets invited to the ball, it seems like a dream come true. Little does she know that in this upper-class world, nobody and nothing can be trusted. Meanwhile, brothers Frederic and Hugo are caught up in their own games, using anyone they can to get what they want. Surrounded by liars, scoundrels and frankly, the absolutely insane, as the night draws on it becomes clear that everyone has a secret. Weaving between schemes and mistaken identities, this “Cinderella-story-gone-wrong” explores the effects of wealth and appearances, and how these are obtained and weaponised by men and women alike.