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Union General Meeting: 120th Anniversary Special!

Thursday 30 November 2017

5:30pm - 7pm

1st Floor Cafe

Union General Meeting: 120th Anniversary Special!

The Union General Meeting (UGM) is a weekly meeting where you can find out what your elected Student Representatives have been up to and debate policy that shapes LSESU's campaigns.

Come a long and take part in our 120th Anniversary special of the Union General Meeting. LSE’s UGMs are a tradition almost as old as the Students’ Union itself! As one of the last union’s in Europe to still hold regular Members’ Meetings it’s our pleasure to bring back a historic Motion from 1921 to be debated again with today’s cultural and political landscape!

The historic motion being debated is:

"This house disapproves of nationalism"

Whether you're for or against, or simply want to join the debate, come along and take part!