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Microfinance Crash Course

Monday 03 December 2018

5:15pm - 6:45pm


Microfinance Crash Course

Part I. Case study.

Microfinance and financial inclusion manifest themselves in different ways in different countries. This session highlights actual case study from a specific country, taking into account the environment, culture and socio-economic background and other challenges. The depth of this practical case study will provide you food for thought on your counseling assignments. 

Part 2.

The Way Forward. In the past 40 years, MFIs have evolved significantly. What are the key challenges for them to achieve greater financial inclusion? What are the opportunities and possible ways forward with technological initiatives? The session will discuss financial services aimed at serving the unbanked populations in emerging markets through mobile phones, networks of agents and internet and debate on digital financial services which is aspiring to attain the goal of reaching universal financial access by 2020?