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Freedom of Mind LSE: Body

Monday 07 October 2019

8pm - 9:30pm

The Venue, Saw Swee Hock Building, Sheffield Street

Freedom of Mind LSE: Body

How is your mental health affected by your body? How it looks? How it feels? And how you use it?


Research by the Mental Health Foundation shows that poor body self-image affects all ages and genders and can trigger poor mental health. Our experienced panel will be discussing body positivity, social media, fitness and everything in between to decipher how we can create positive relationships with our bodies for positive mental health.


STEPHANIE YEBOAH/NERD ABOUT TOWN is a freelance writer, public speaker, fat acceptance advocate and a multi-award nominated plus size fashion blogger, having started her writing journey during University in 2009.  She has written for publications such as Stylist Magazine, Elle Magazine, GQ, The Evening Standard and Who What Wear and speaks mostly about issues surrounding radical fat acceptance, intersectionality (and lack therof) within body positivity and body image, and diversity within the media.

Twitter:  @nerdabouttown // Instagram: @nerdabouttown // Blog: www.nerdabouttown.com


SOPHIA TASSEW is a South London raised advertising creative and plus-size model. After dropping out of university, Sophia gained her first placement as an art director in an advertising agency, FCB Inferno. While at FCB Inferno, she had created a string of artworks that tied grime and film posters together that later went viral. She went on to curate her first exhibition from the back of the attention her work received which was cosigned by Converse. A few months later, she landed another role as a creative at a global advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather and then went on to be scouted as a brand insider for ASOS. Sophia has gained a following online after being vocal about representation in media, body positivity, collaborations with brands and campaigns she has worked on.  

Instagram: @manlikesophia and @asos_sophia // Book: sophiaandabigail.com


JUSTYN HOLLET AKA BRAVESCAR is a Content Creator, Nike Pro Personal Trainer and Mental Health Advocate based in London. At age 1, he survived a domestic accident, that left him with third degree burns on his right neck, chest and back and nearly died from his injuries. Growing up, Justyn had to navigate life feeling different and begin his journey of healing both physically and mentally. In 2017, he bravely began to share his story via entering a Vlogging competition called Vlogstar Challenge and won the'Rising Star' award held at BAFTA. This was the beginning of his journey as'BRAVESCAR'. His mission is to inspire others to embrace their bodies and scars and find confidence in being who they are - flaws and all. 

Instagram:  @beingbravescar // YouTube: Justyn Hollett 


JEMIMA SARA created her brand after suffering with mental health issues. Her road to recovery was scribbling, painting and designing. Jemima wants to raise awareness for mental health through collections, art works, workshops and talks. Her brand supports The Young Women’s Trust by donating 10% of profits to the charity. 

Instagram: @jemimasara // Website: www.jemimasara.co.uk


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