Event Listing

Barça's Innovation Hub: Shaping the Future of Sports

Friday 06 March 2020

5pm - 6pm

Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House

Barça's Innovation Hub: Shaping the Future of Sports

LSESU Sports Business Group is delighted to invite you to learn about the sports business world through Ms. Marta Plana’s accounts from her experience in the industry. Read more about Ms. Plana and the event below:

Ms. Marta Plana (board member & Head of Innovation at FC Barcelona) will give a presentation on her career/entry into the sports business world, and the BIHUB (Barca Innovation Hub) - a platform that combines all the research, innovation and learning projects for FC Barcelona and that has become one of the key projects of the club.

She has spent most of her professional life in the Silicon Valley, where she has advised on and participated in the creation of various technology-based start-ups. Her professional career began at Baker & McKenzie, Microsoft Corp. and Osborne Clarke. Between 2011 and 2013 she was a Commissioner for the Telecommunications Market Commission (CMT). She also co-founded fintech company Pagantis in 2015.

This event marks the beginning of the LSESU Sports Business Society, a society still welcoming members genuinely interested in the intersection of sports and business!

To find out more: https://barcainnovationhub.com/acerca-de/