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2018 LSE SU China Development Forum - 'China's Perspectives Redefined'

Saturday 03 February 2018

9am - 6pm

Old Theatre, LSE

2018 LSE SU China Development Forum - 'China's Perspectives Redefined'

Welcoming its 10-year anniversary, the 2018 10th LSE SU China Development Forum, ‘China’s Perspectives Redefined’, aims to inspire a series of intellectually-stimulating discussions revolving around how China will reshape her future as she ventures into a new world order. Internationally, China seeks to strengthen its global presence through the Belt and Road Initiative and continues to navigate the rapidly changing global geopolitical dynamics. Domestically, social and economic issues, namely, volatile capital market, conflicting goals of economic growth and sustainability, and China’s industrial structural upgrade to incorporate more cutting-edge technologies, are to be redefined.

With a view to providing in-depth analyses and answers to the challenges facing China in the new era, the LSE Institute of Global Affairs and the LSESU China Development Society will bring together world-renowned speakers to join the debate and share their invaluable insights across a range of topics at the 2018 CDF including:

1. Reimagining the Silk Road: The Belt and Road Initiative

2. Uncharted Waters: China and Global Security Architecture

3. In Search of Sustainability: China’s Environmental Policies

4. Reconciling Conflicting Signals: Capital Market Reforms

5. ‘Designed in China’: Leading Global Innovation

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For updated information about topics, speakers and 2018 CDF, please visit our website: www.lsecds.org. Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing to 2018cdf@lsecds.org. Our society members will be more than delighted to provide assistance and clarifications.