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Financial Modelling Masterclass in Renewable Energy

Saturday 23 November 2019

9am - 4:30pm


Financial Modelling Masterclass in Renewable Energy

Cesar Torres is an expert in renewable energy. He has over 5 years’ financial modelling experience in renewable energy and is currently working in the investment team of NextEnergy Capital.

During this event he will be giving our members a basic idea of what financial modelling within the renewable energy sector entails.

Topics that will be covered:
- General introduction to main economic drivers of a renewable energy project
- Build a flexible timing structure including construction and operations
- Capital Expenditure breakdown and funding
- Revenue build up including subsidies
- Operational expenses including fixed and variable
- Calculate Cashflow available to debt service
- Debt structuring
- Understand typical circular references and how to avoid them
- Equity returns
- Valuation and investment metrics [NPV and IRR]


(This type of event ususally goes for 300£ a person in industrial settings. The Energy Society has worked hard to lower the price to 30£ per person so expect a great value for money!)