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Persian Society Dinner 2020

Wednesday 04 March 2020

7pm - 9pm

Beluga Restaurant

Persian Society Dinner 2020

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LSE SU Persian Society will be going to Beluga Restaurant on 4th March 2020!
Beluga is a luxurious Persian restaurant in London!

Ticket Prices:
Members: £12 (Heavily subsidised by our society)

The package we got is worth £25, that is if you walk-in to this restaurant and order this set of food, including the service charge, it will cost you £25, but we have subsidised it for our members to only £12 per person.

We will be providing the following:
- Mixed Starters: Mirza Ghasemi, Kashko Bademjoon with bread
- A Soft Drink
- Persian Tea
- Main course options:

  1. Chelo Koobideh
  2. Chelo Joojeh 
  3. Baghali polo with Kuku sabzi (Vegetarian option)

    Each dish will be served with potato Tahdig!


Location and Meeting:
People can either meet us at Beluga Persian Restaurant in Notting Hill Gate around 6:45 to 7pm, or they can meet us on LSE campus in front of Peacock Theatre entrance and at 6:30 we will move towards Beluga together by underground.

Extra notes plus Terms & Conditions: 
1- If you want to make sure you sit next to your friend(s), please try to arrive on time and come together  in a group so you get to sit together. Please be on time or early if possible.
2- Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. In certain situations we might be able to transfer your ticket to someone else if needed, as long as the other person is also a member.
3- Whatever food you select when purchasing tickets will be what you have to order in the restaurant, as we have to pre-order and pay days in advance before going there.