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Women Empowerment Week: Personal Branding Workshop

Wednesday 27 February 2019

noon - 2pm

KSW. G.01

Women Empowerment Week: Personal Branding Workshop

Brand You: Using your personal brand to get the job of your dreams  


We all have a brand. It is what comes to mind when people think of us and your personal brand is all about who you are and what you have to offer. In the business world perception is reality and your personal brand goes a long way to establishing your credibility and workplace identity. Careers have been made and damaged by perception and branding. Learning how to build and use your brand at the start of your career gives you the edge to get ahead of your peers.

Join us on this highly engaging and interactive Masterclass with branding expert Emilie West, to learn what makes up your personal brand and how to communicate your brand to others to achieve career success.


We will be exploring:

1.             The importance of personal brand in achieving your career goals

2.             What your personal brand is and how to change it

3.             The different ways of communicating your brand to others

4.             Dressing for success - how to use your clothes to stay visible, improve your credibility and help you impress in interviews.