Green Week

LSESU Green Week is run by your Environment and Ethics Officer, James Slater. It is a chance to showcase all the environmental work done by the Students’ Union and the School, and inform students and staff of how they can take part in the amazing work already being done. It will feed into the SU’s aim of campaigning on ecology, social justice, peace and solidarity.

During this week there will be student halls specific competitions that you can get involved with and win big for your halls! 



Due to technical difficulties, the planned LSE SU Switch Off has been unable to proceed this year. We apologise for all those halls who were starting the challenge this week. Instead please do participate in the Halls Cup Challlenge and come along to all the Jam-packed events and activites we have planned this week! - James Slater, LSESU Environment and Ethics Officer.




LSE Green Week & LSE Halls Cup

LSE Green Week brings you a whole host of events to get involved with!
Your hall will be involved in one of three Sustainability challenges. Either Reduce The Juice, NUS Student Switch Off, or ‘LSE’s Green Week Activities’. Your hall committee will tell you of which challenge you’re assigned to.


How do you win LSE Green Week Activities challenge?

Winning is simple, all you have to do is show that you’ve turned up to one (or all!) of the events. You do this by filling in an attendance register found at the start of each event. If you write down your LSE Email and the name of your hall, we will tally up the points. The hall whose residents have attended the most events over the course of the week will win the challenge!

Challenges to Include