Manage Your Group

Manage Your Group

There are many pieces of information you need to know about when running a group, this page is here to help with the basics such as re-registering, completing a handover, governance documents and much more. It is important that you use this page to get your group off the right start for the year.

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Gain Your Admin Rights

Club & Society Core Admin & Documents

1. Check

For groups to be a part of the Students Union, there are a number of legal documents each group must have and review each year E.G. Constitution. To help you we have created a checklist for you to complete.
Committee Document Checklist

2. Review

The Union must have a copy of these legally. To have copies of these, each society and club have their own folder in our drive where we save copies of these. You can view these here.
Club & Society Admin Folders

3. Submit

Once you have reviewed a document, such as your consitution, you must submit this to the Societies & Sports Team for review. Do this using the form below.
Submit A Document For Approval

Support Completing Your Documents

Group Constitutions

All groups are required to have a constitution. This is a governing document which outlines your groups democratic procedures, your committee structure and what the purpose of the student group is. There are parts of the constitution template that cannot be edited which is expectations and rules set by the union. Other parts are there fore each group to ammend and edit as they wish pending approval. Your previous constitutions can be found in your files.

Society Constitution Template
Sport Club Constitution Template

Other Document Support

Risk Assessments: See Here For Further Information

Development Plans: See Here For Further Information

Coaches & External Facility Hire Contracts: See Here For Further Information


Managing Memberships

Deciding on what memberships your club or society should offer and how much should be is difficult task - Use this guide to help you decide on what you should offer for members.

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Managing Your

Some of our groups have up to 10 ventures or sub-committees and mkaing sure they are operating properly can be a challenge. This page provides you with the information you need to make sure they are running smoothly.

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Using Your Club & Society Email Account

Every Club and Society is given a free Email address by the Union which should be the primary email used. Head below if you need help with your email address.

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Complaints, Conflict and Disciplinaries

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