LSESU Hall of Fame


Societies Awards

Society of the Year - Drama Society
Best New Society - Modern Foreign Languages
Most Improved Society - Green Finance
Best Student Event - Drama Society with Emilia
Best Student-Led Conference - United Nations Society with Youth MUN
Best Creative Initiative - United Nations Society with Model UN Trip Series
Inclusivitiy Award - Women In Politics
Best Collaboration - London Diplomacy Ball
Best Creative Contributor - Zehra Jafree

Outstanding Contribution to Societies (Individual Awards) - 

  • Tai Tzu Chang 
  • Raef Jackson
  • Anisa Khan
  • Ben Pang
  • Emily Otvos
  • Muhammad Akhtar
  • Victoria Throen Longhi
  • Christian Schioler Hansen
  • Yasmin Frischemeier
  • Ellie Cottrell



Gold - Advertising Marketing & Publicity, Afro-Caribbean Society, Amnesty International, Bangla, Brazilian, Consultancy, Debate, Drama, Economics, Enactus, Entrepreneurs, Gaming, German, Green Finance, Grimshaw, Hindu, Hong Kong Public affairs and social services, India, Islamic, Law, Liberal Democrats, Malaysia, Modern Foreign Languages, Music, Political Risk & Investment, RAG, Student Action for Refugees, United Nations, Women in Business, Women Leaders of Tomorrow

Silver - Catholic, Chess, Energy, French, Geography & Environment, Health, Intersectional Feminism, Israel, Jewish, Korean Entertainment, Marine, Philosophy Politics & Economics, Sustainable futures, Women in Politics

Bronze - Actuarial, Association of South East Asian Nations, Blockchain, Business & Investment Group, Chile, Chocolate, Christian Union, Clare Market, Coding, Film, Hedge Fund, Impact Investing, International Development, Literature, Persian, Sikh-Punjab, Social Mobility, Students for Children, Swiss, Visual Arts


Sports Awards

Sport Club of the Year - Lacrosse
Most Improved Sport Club - Athletics & Running
Best Initiative  - Men's Rugby
Inclusivity Award - Ultimate Frisbee 
Most Altruistic Club - Men's Football

Outstanding Contribution to Sport at LSE (Individual Award)

  • Anisa Khan (Kabaddi) 
  • Juliette Glennon-Alty (Netball) 
  • Tobias Leigh-Wood (Rowing) 
  • Matthew Bedford (Futsal) 
  • Charlie Baister (Men's Rugby) 
  • Raef Jackson (Men's Football) 
  • Milena Wyerth (Athletics & Running) 
  • Nikki Mehta (Athletics & Running) 



Gold - Athletics and Running, Women's Basketball, Dance, Futsal, Kabaddi, Lacrosse, Netball & Women's Rugby
Silver - Women's Football & Rowing
Bronze - Muay Thai, Cricket, Pool and Snooker, Swimming & Taekwondo


SU Awards 2018-2019



Societies Awards

Society of the Year - United Nations
Best New Society - Bhangra
Most Improved Society - Chess
Best Student Event - Drama Society with Sweeney Todd
Best Student-Led Conference - Voices of Israel and Palesine - Towards a New Generation

Outstanding Contribution to Societies (Individual Awards) - 

  • Zuhayr Sedat – Islamic Society
  •  Anisa Khan – Hindu Society 
  • Kitty Rae Thompson – Cocktail Society
  • Sam Rippon – Drama Society
  • Sonakshi Das – India Society

Sports Awards

Club of the Year - Futsal
AU For All Award - Cricket
Most Improved Society - Jiu Jitsu
Team of the Year - Tennis - Mens 1st Team
Sports Person of the Year - Devlin Stigant
Brian Whitworth Award - Sophie Tofalides
Taha Saei Award - Zak Shafi

Communities Awards

Sustainability Project - Climate Strike Campaign Group
Activist of the Year - Katie Tesseyman
Most Innovative Campaign - United Nations Soc - Sustainability Awareness Week
Inclusivitiy Award - Cecile Miller
Collaboration Award – Diplomacy Ball
SUF Project of the Year – Women in Business
Creative Contributor – Xiaoli Ma
Creative Initiative – Drama Society Sweeney Todd
Group Trip – Israel Society and their Tech Trip



Gold Clubs - Athletics & Running, Badminton, Women’s Basketball, Cricket, Dance, Women’s Football, Futsal, Netball, Pole Fitness, Rowing, Women’s Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee

Gold Societies - Advertising Marketing & PR, Amnesty International, Bacchus Wine, Cocktail, Debate, Drama, Entrepreneurs, Gaming, Geography & Environment, Grimshaw, Hindu, Human Rights, India, International Development, Islamic, Law, Malaysia, Music, Negotiation, Quiz, RAG, Student Action for Refugees, United Nations, Visual Arts, Women in Business, Women Leaders of Tomorrow

Silver Clubs - Hockey, Jiu jitsu, Kabaddi, Lacrosse, Muay Thai, Pool & Snooker, Men’s Rugby, Taekwondo, Tennis, Waterpolo.

Silver Societies - Actuarial, Afro Caribbean, ASEAN, Asia Careers, Bangla, Bhangra, Chess, Clare Market, Consultation, Economics, ELSA, German, Global Brigades, History, Innovation in space, Israel, Italian, Itchy Feet, Korean Entertainment, Lib Dems, Literature, Machine Learning, Persian, Political Risk & Investment, Red Cross, Russian Business & Culture, Sikh Punjab, Speculative Fiction & Table top games, Sustainable Futures, Venture Capital, Welsh

Bronze Clubs - Snowsports, Swimming

Bronze Societies -Accounting, Corporate Social Responsibilities, Film, Food & Clothing, French, Hedge Fund, Loose, opera Ballet, Swiss, Women in Politics