Membership Terms and Conditions

Statement of Terms

By joining any student group you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of membership and the activities code of conduct. We may process your personal information for carefully considered and specific purposes which are in the interests of delivering and enhancing our services as well as adding benefit for our members. Our privacy statement details when and how we will process this data as well as your rights relating to your data.

Group memberships can be bought at any time throughout the academic year, all annual memberships expire on the last day of term.

The cost of each group membership may, for example, cover use of facilities, equipment and provision of coaches. This is subject to each group's budget and should be outlined on the group page.

Specific Athletic Union Conditions

The LSE Athletics Union expects its members to behave in a way that upholds the principles of the Students' Union, the AU and sport. Members agree to treat others with respect and dignity, and represent their clubs with the integrity and complete inclusion every person deserves.

Additionally, we expect all members to complete the online Consent and Positive Bystander Intervention Course - 'Consent Matters'. This is now available on Moodle. Not completing this may potentially restrict your access to AU Athletic Union Events. We do understand that consent is a sensitive topic and, if you don’t feel able to complete the training as a result of being impacted by related matters, you are able to opt out.


You must be a member of LSESU to be eligible to join student groups. Union Membership is automatic for most courses, unless you have opted out or if you enrol on a summer school course. Other eligible parties (alumni, university staff, affiliate members) may purchase a student group membership as long as that group offers such membership; additional fees apply.