Beyond the Classroom

LSESU Beyond the Classroom is an employability training programme designed to provide you with the opportunities to develop, learn and grow.

Upcoming sessions

<December 2017>

The programme offers a series of free, skills-based workshops on topics such as Managing Conflict; Public Speaking; Sponsorship; Campaigns; Event Management; and Social Media.

Last year, for the first time, we also offered sessions such as First Aid; Health and Safety; and Coding. 

Sessions have been delivered by leading charities and companies, such as EY; the ONE Campaign; Teach First; and experienced advisers from LSE Careers and LSE Students' Union.

You can attend up to 30 sessions in total, and all sessions are free of charge. Simply head to the What's On page to find out when sessions take place. Last year, more than 500 students attended the programme. 

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LSESU Beyond the Classroom is open to taught postgraduate students, research students and undergraduate students. The programme also features a priority booking system for all LSESU representatives, who will be able book sessions first. This will be available to: LSESU Executive Committee Members; LSESU Part-time Officers; LSESU Clubs/ Society Committee Members; and SSLC Reps. Attendance at sessions count towards the LSESU Leadership Accreditation

Catch up on Sessions!

1. Annual Fund Grant Applications: 17th October 2017. Summary.

2. Safeguarding: 26th October 2017. Summary.

3. Mindfulness: 31st October 2017. Summary.

4. Refugees in London: 7th November 2017. Summary.

5. Introduction to British Sign Language: 16th November 2017. Summary.

6. Personal Branding: 21st November 2017.

7. Event Management: 23rd November 2017.

1. The Launch Event: Monday 10 October 2016. Summary.

2. Leadership Styles: Tuesday 18 October 2016. Read our summary of the session here and get the slides Summary.

3. Annual Fund Grant Applications: 18th October 2016. Summary.

4. Aiming for Change: A workshop on effective campaigning techniques: 24th October 2016. Summary

5. Social Media for Clubs and Societies: 25th October 2016. Summary.

6. Volunteer Recruitment: 27th October 2016. Summary.

7. Managing Conflict: 1 November 2016. 4th year Beth Warne's washup. Summary.

8. Event Management 15 November 2016. 3rd year Joe Donaghey's review. Summary. Event planning template (word, excel) Event evaluation template.

9. Sales Techniques 18 November 2016. Summary. Review.

10. An Introduction to British Sign Language 22 November 2016. Summary. Megan Beddoe, 3rd year's review.

11. Negotiation Skills 22 November 2016. Summary.

12. Public Speaking 25 November 2016. Perdi Blinkhorn, your LGBT+ Students' Officer's review.

13. First Aid 29 November 2016. Joe Donaghey's review

14. Chairing an Effective Meeting 1 December 2016. Summary 1. Summary 2. Template agenda.

15.  Annual Fund Grant Applications  19 January 2017. Summary.

16.  Project Management  24 January 2017. Summary.

17. Cracking Code: An introduction to Coding with PwC 7 Feb 2017. Summary.

18. Managing Conflict: Session 2! 14 Feb 2017. Summary 1. Summary 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book onto a session?

Sessions can be booked through the What's On page. Please ensure you are logged in to book onto a session and click ‘buy’ to add a session to your basket. Note that all sessions are free of charge.

Students can also book on to events in person by visiting the Activities Resource Centre on the 1st Floor, Saw Swee Hock Student Centre, between 10 am and 4pm.

Can I turn up on the door?

Normally yes! We will always try and accommodate as many students as possible to attend an LSESU Beyond the Classroom session; however, a session may be full. To guarantee entry, please book for free prior to a session.

Am I eligible for Priority Booking?

The Priority Booking system is available to LSESU representatives who can book events prior to the rest of the student body. This will be available to: LSESU Executive Committee Members; LSESU Part-time Officers; LSESU Club/ Society Committee Members; SSLC Reps.

How does Priority Booking work?

Priority Booking for each session will open prior to general student bookings. Only students who are eligible for Priority Booking will be able to select ‘buy’ for these tickets once logged into the LSESU website. Only one priority ticket can be booked per person.

Can I bring a friend to a session?

By all means, bring a whole seminar! There is no limit on the number of tickets that can be booked by each student when general ticket bookings are open. You can book for as many friends as you like. They just need to bring their LSESU ID card or other form of identification to the session.

What is PDAM?

Your Personal Development Aide Memoir (PDAM) is a tool developed on LSE For You to help you recognise the skills you have gained at LSE. Your document is automatically updated with your involvement in LSESU, including the representative positions you have held, your involvement as a society committee member, or your attendance at an LSESU Beyond the Classroom event.

What is the LSESU Leadership Accreditation Scheme?

For 2015–2016, you can also be awarded the LSESU Leadership Accreditation for your commitment to personal development through LSESU. Rewards will include vouchers, industry event opportunities and LinkedIn recommendations. The process will help you to understand the skills you have developed with the Students' Union. Using PDAM, your application will include your attendance at sessions, your engagement with clubs/societies and representation, and your reflection on the lessons you have learned.

The existing STARS scheme for clubs and societies will also incorporate committee attendance at Beyond the Classroom sessions and will be viewed favourably in applications to Bronze, Silver and Gold society accreditation.

What if I am unable to book a ticket for an event?

If you are unable to book a ticket for an event, there may be an issue with your membership. If an event is only available for Priority Booking, you may not be eligible to book at that time. If the event is for general student booking and you have an issue, please contact the ARC and we will try to rectify the issue as quickly as possible:

Why are the sessions running?

LSESU Beyond the Classroom is now in its second year following a successful pilot in 2014–2015. The programme reflected a need for students to articulate the skills they develop by engaging with clubs, societies and the Union as a whole. LSESU has an ongoing commitment to offer our student groups the very best opportunities for personal development.

How is the programme funded?

LSESU Beyond the Classroom is kindly supported by the LSE Annual Fund. Individual sessions are also delivered in partnership with LSE Careers and a number of external companies and charities. LSESU fully appreciates the ongoing support of these organisations to develop LSE students.