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Closure of the Three Tuns: Girls Night In

We want to send a clear message of support and solidarity with the Girls Night In London boycott of bars and clubs, and as a result The Three Tuns will be closed on the 5th November 2021. Any staff that were booked on to work will still be paid.

We want students to feel safe in our spaces and we are always listening to feedback, and of course offering support wherever we can. We are taking the following steps to ensure students feel safe in our venues:

  • The Ask Angela scheme will be conducting training with our bar and venue staff
  • We will be introducing the use of StopTopps and Drink Detective test kits 
  • We are in contact with Met police about arranging WAVE (Welfare and Vulnerability Engagement) training
  • We are also ensuring that all staff undergo our consent.ed training, including security.

In light of the recent rise in cases of spiking up and down the country, we hosted an event in collaboration with Hands Off LSE, to hear how people are feeling and discuss ideas of how we can make people safer. Following this, the SU team, will be working with the AU and Tuns to take these ideas forward, and to try to create a safer environment for everyone.

Do get in touch with your Sabbatical Officers, Josie, Robyn, Ed and Faiso, if you have other ideas as to how we can make people feel safe and comfortable in our spaces, or things you would like to see in The Three Tuns.

Spiking Guidance

Nabla, has released some really useful guidance surrounding spiking, which we would like to raise awareness of to all members of the community, it reads as follows:

Remember, if you have been spiked, it is never your fault! Spiking can happen in any situation, at any time, and with any drink, alcoholic or not.

What should I do if I think my drink has been spiked?

  1. Make sure you are in a safe place and always have a trusted person with you
  2. Seek medical help as soon as possible, you can call NHS 111 or 999 if you are alone – you can usually get your blood and urine tested within 24hrs.
  3. Be careful speaking and accepting help from strangers
  4. You should contact the police or go to the emergency room if you believe you have been assaulted in any way

What should I do if I think I have been spiked via injection?
Despite how frightening it sounds, it does happen! A needle can be injected through your clothing

  1. Seek immediate medical attention (999 or 111) and inform someone within 24 hours
  2. Try to let the wound bleed by running it under warm water
  3. Wash the wound with soap to sanitise it – avoid scrubbing the wound and do not suck it!
  4. Pat the wound dry and cover it with a plaster or dressing
  5. You might need antibiotics to treat an infection or emergency medication to prevent hepatitis B or HIV

Help & Support

If you or anyone who has been affected by spiking would like to speak to someone about what you may have experienced, you can:

  • Reach out to a member of the LSE safe contact team
  • Book a session with a sexual violence support worker who works with LSE students
  • Reach out to LSE’s Anti-harassment support advisor, Laura Boland (, or the advisor to female students Bingchun Meng ( or Deputy Head of Student Services, Pete Evanson (
  • There is also a support worker from Survivors UK for male survivors, please contact to book a session

Outside of the university, you can also seek support through the following:

  • Rape Crisis offer helplines and live chat options to female survivors. Students can choose to remain anonymous and seek advice or just get emotional support about the trauma they have experienced.
  • Survivors UK also offer a helpline and live chat options to male survivors


If anyone would like to discuss this issue further with the Students’ Union, please contact one of your Sabbatical Officers.