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Green Week: An Exploration of Intersectional Environmentalism?

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Green Week 2020

Welcome to the beginning of Green Week!

Get ready for an exciting week in an exploration of intersectional environmentalism. There are a variety of online events being held throughout the week in collaboration with student societies, LSE Sustainability, the Volunteer Centre, LSE Careers and more! There is an event for everyone so make sure to check out the packed schedule for all the amazing activities happening. We hope to explore a variety of issues throughout the week while trying to be inclusive with our diversity of events.

To start the week on Monday, the Students’ Union will be hosting a workshop on non-violent direct action with Greenpeace! The workshop will go over what activism means and what non-violent direct action is before giving tips on how to put this into action. This is the perfect way for students to find out more about environmental activism for those who are curious. After that, LSESU Amnesty and Freedom of Mind will be releasing a Facebook Preview on a discussion of mental health in activism and eco-anxiety. The discussion will go over what eco-anxiety is, and mechanisms for coping with this anxiety as well. 


On Tuesday make sure to check out the Ice Sculpture that will be placed outside the LSE Library. Keep an eye out to find out more about this! At noon LSE Bees will be giving you a sneak peek into their hive with a live tour on their Facebook. In the evening we will be having a panel discussion with Extinction Rebellion on corporate accountability. Panellists are from different fields within Extinction Rebellion and have been involved in various types of activism. This is the perfect chance to hear more about the experiences of different activists and to ask them questions. 


Wednesday is our busiest day with numerous events. The LSESU Raising & Giving Society will be releasing their first RAG Explains talk on food waste with the Felix Project. They will be exploring the issue of food waste and food poverty in their talk, so make sure to watch their TED-style talk. After that the Sustainable Futures Society is collaborating with Sustainable LSE to host a drop-in session where you can find out what environmental initiatives are ongoing on campus as well as to ask your questions. Later Green Finance will be hosting a movie viewing with WWF followed by a panel on sustainable finance. Make sure to join them for an exciting clip preview and for a diverse panel afterwards! To finish off the day Earthrise will be hosting their launch party for their Autumn Edition, so make sure to join them for a fun social event to finish your day. 


On Thursday we start off with an event from LSE Careers with Council on Energy, Environment and Water to look at a policy case-study. Later in the afternoon the LSE Faith Centre will be hosting a panel on faith and environmentalism, and exploring how the two fields intersect. After this the LSESU United Nations Society is hosting a public panel on environmental racism and class, and the high barriers to ecological justice. This event is not to be missed with high profile speakers and youth activists from around the globe sharing their experiences and knowledge on the topic. 


On Friday we start our day off with a panel hosted by the LSE Volunteer Centre as a part of their Take Action series. The panel will be exploring the issue of Climate Change and tools we can use to make a difference. In the early evening the LSESU Pride Alliance will be hosting an event on queer ecology, where academics from around the globe will be coming together to discuss the importance of queer theory and its application in environmentalism. To finish off the day the lSESU EcoSoc and the LSESU Visual Arts Society will be holding a natural materials painting workshop where you can wind down and socialise while engaging your creative side!


On our final day of Green Week, Sunday, the LSESU Animal Society will be finishing off the week with a movie screening of Carnage with the Oxford Uni VegSoc. Make sure to join in for a fun social evening to finish off a busy week of events!


Whether you’re looking for activist workshops, academic panels or social activities, there is an event for everyone this week! Make sure to check out this exciting week of events with a variety of societies, and we hope you enjoy it.


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