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Lockdown 3 - Here's what you need to know

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We know the latest announcement will probably have you feeling worried and anxious and we recognise that this is a very uncertain and difficult time for all of you, especially as we find ourselves in a national lockdown for the third time.

We want to remind you that LSESU is open, here and ready to support you in whatever way we can. We also want to share some of the things have been doing on your behalf and to give you an update on where things currently stand. We appreciate that things move really fast and we plan on sending out regular communications to you all with updates. If you have any questions in the meantime, then please reach out to us via our social channels oy


Here is the latest on what the new rules mean for LSE students:

  • All teaching is now online
  • You should not move back and forward between your term-time address and your permanent address.
  • England is in a national lockdown and the rules apply if you are here. You can find out more here


Lent Term

Following a careful review of the revised government guidance, LSE have taken the decision to make this term online only. It hasn’t been an easy decision and it is based on your safety and that of the many members of staff at LSE. This information will raise a lot of questions from all of and it is our intention to push the school for clarification especially around matters related to housing contracts. Please do let us know what your immediate concerns are and please come along to our next town hall.

Students in London

LSE halls of residence will remain open, as will some parts of campus. The Library will also be open and you can book a study slot here All other LSE buildings will be closed. In-person services will also be online at this time. Access to study spaces gives students that are in London (in Halls or private accommodation) a suitable place to study and we welcome this move.

We advise students facing difficulties with their living arrangements in halls to email or fill out the Accommodation contact from here. We’re aware many will be looking for a similar move from the School as last April when students were released from their contracts early. The Sabbs will be working with the School to lobby for this option to be available to our students.

Getting tested

Testing will remain in place and accessible to those who need to access campus and/or are in London in halls of residence. Facilities for testing are available on campus and at Bankside House. If you are coming to campus, please book a test for the day you plan to attend. Because of the significant changes to the government guidance, all tests booked from 6 January onwards have been cancelled, to free up support and resources for this essential service. You must rebook your test if you still plan to attend campus.  


Exams and assessments

While exams are still planned to go ahead, we understand those sitting January exams are likely to be under a lot of stress. We are seeking clarity on how the School will be supporting you however if you have any feedback or specific questions then please let us know. Here is the guidance as it currently stands

A Statement from your Sabbs

As your sabbatical officers, we are dedicated to making sure LSE does right by its students.

We are in talks with LSE to let students out of their rental contracts in halls, in line with the precedent set in April, we are optimistic that this will be agreed and announced soon.

The pandemic and the UK’s lockdown make a lot of things uncertain and difficult, including financial hardship. We are in talks with the School to ensure that there is adequate funding available to students through our Hardship Fund. If you are facing financial hardship related to your studies, we may be able to help. Please reach out to our Advice Service.

We understand that many students want the Union to lobby for some form of financial redress from the University due to the impact of the pandemic on our studies. This will be an uphill battle; however, we will be taking up these demands to the School’s Senior Management Committee.

More immediately, we have written to LSE Senior management asking for a  blanket extension for summative assessments due in January. If you are concerned about assessments this month, please reach out to our Advice Service.

LSE’s no disadvantage policy for the 19/20 academic year was not good enough. We will be fighting for a policy that properly accounts for the impact of the pandemic on students’ performance in exams.

LSE is considering the use of online proctoring software in Summer assessments that would use an Artificial Intelligence to invigilate examinations online, you can read about online proctoring here. After successfully stopping the software from being used in January exams, we will be lobbying LSE extensively to ensure that online proctoring software cannot and will not be used for summer assessments.

Davis Gordon, General Secretary, Bali Birch-Lee, Education Officer, Laura Goddard, Community and Welfare Officer, Morgan Fairless, Postgrad Officer, Ellie Duplock, Activities and Development Officer

Together for students

We are open and your Union is here for you, here's what we're doing...

  • Advice – our advice service is open for online appointments. You can get in touch Email us at or book an appointment with us via Student Hub (all appointments will be either via Zoom or telephone).
  • Student voice – your voice is now more important than ever and we need it to be at the forefront of everything we do. Elections will still be taking place, as will our other commitments to student voice. We will be having regular Student Townhalls for you to tell us what’s on your mind and there has never been a better time for you to submit a UGM. And you can also submit your views via our online form
  • Clubs and Societies: Our clubs and societies are very much active and they have lots going on for you to get involved in
  • Online activities: As part of our Plan C initiative, we are compiling some really useful workshops, entertainment and online activities for you to get involved in – keep an eye on our website for more information.
  • Buddy Scheme – we are about to relaunch our buddy scheme, so if you missed out just before Christmas, now is the time to make a new friend.
  • Your elected officers – Your Sabbs are working really hard to make sure your concerns are listened to, you can get in touch with your Sabbs, whatever your concern may be and we can help.

Stay in touch & stay safe


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