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Your guide to extra curricular activities: how to get involved physically and virtually

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This year is going to be seeing quite a few changes. But one thing that won’t change, is that your Students’ Union (LSESU) has plenty of extra-curricular activities available for you to get involved in. The university experience is about much more than your degree – it’s also about the initiatives, projects, events and programmes that you can get involved outside of this!

Extra curricular activities have many benefits. Not only are you getting more from your university experience for your tuition fees, but it can also help your professional and personal development. It is also good for maintaining the right balance between leisure and study time, and can contribute to positive mental health, wellbeing and happiness. 

Before we continue…

We (LSE Students’ Union) are working with the School on the safe return to campus for all of our students. This includes re-working and adjusting our programmes, our initiatives, our ways of working and our different spaces. To make this as safe as is possible, it’s going to take a little bit of time. We will also be taking into account any changes in Government guidance that occur between now and September.

This means that our extra curricular activities are going to be subject to change. Any updates will be cited on the relevant web pages. One of the best ways to stay updated is to sign up to our Welcome Mailing list by clicking here.

It is important for all of our students to follow the latest reccomended advice for keeping safe, especially those who are at a high risk. It may be that you will need to follow the governments advice in relation to your ability to participate in various activities listed here. To find out if you fall into a high risk category and for more information about the precautions you should take, please click here.


Digital?: Yes – Some events are solely digital. Some events may have digital counterparts and can be watched or streamed at home. Physical?: Yes – some events may have physical attendance.

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to make the best use of your time outside of lectures! We (your Students’ Union) are the home of all the fun things, so you can expect our events to be ones to remember. We run a wide range of events throughout the year and will also be running virtual events that students can tune into on Zoom. Make sure you are following our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, and keep an eye on our What’s on calendar for the latest event releases.

Raising & Giving

Digital?: Yes – there may be digital participation on an initiative-by-initiative basis. Donations or sponsorship can be administered online.
Physical?: Yes – some initiatives will have physical participation.

The LSESU Raising and Giving society (RAG) is a three-times award winning society that raises money every year for amazing causes. It allows students to get involved in fun, exciting and memorable acts of fundraising.

Some of their fundraising initiatives can also be done solo or remotely, so you can still give back if you are a distance learner, overseas student or if you’re social distancing. There are also team or paired opportunities for a chance to do some charitable work with your peers! Head over to the RAG page on our website to find out more.

Students’ Union Fund

Digital?: Yes – Applications are digital. Project planning and execution can be done digitally (you can control this, it’s your project!)
Physical?: Yes – You can choose whether you have any physical execution as part of your projects.

Here at LSESU, we encourage students to develop and implement their own projects. So much so, that we have even set aside a big pot of money just for you guys, so that you can make your big ideas happen!

We have a Student Union Fund that grants sums of money to students who have ideas for projects or initiatives, and you can apply for up to £20,000! Funding can be granted to any idea for any project, by any student or any student group…all you have to do is apply!

The best thing about this is that you really can access it anywhere. If your project is a physical one, you can still plan it or execute it digitally, so it doesn’t matter whether you are in London or not – this won’t be a barrier to pulling off your big ideas!

Active Lifestyle

Digital?: Yes – Online classes will be available via a new app.
Physical?: Yes – physical attendance will be available.

Our fitness class timetable is a great way to get moving in a more social environment, where you can make friends and get fit at the same time. Getting involved in our weekly classes is a fantastic way to maintain good wellbeing and mental health at LSE.

A class pass can cost you as little as £20 and will grant you unlimited access to all of the fitness classes that run throughout the term! Our class timetable includes Pilates, Self Defence, Yoga, Boxfit, Zumba,  HIIT and so much more. Find out more about our Active Lifestyle Classes here.

Campaigns Hub

Digital?: Yes – Campaigns hub and campaign support can be accessed digitally, campaigns can be planned and executed digitally.
Physical?: Yes - You can plan physical elements as part of your campaign.

Is there a cause that you feel passionate about? At LSESU, we have a dedicated Campaigns Hub, which helps students facilitate, plan and run their own campaigns. In the past, students have seen big wins both at LSE but also in the wider world! Whether you are an activist to the core or are simply interested in acting on one particular issue, Campaigns Hub will be able to support you in the ways that you need. It’s also a great way to connect with and meet like-minded individuals.

The current situation has meant that lots of things have had to change and adapt, but that shouldn’t put a hault to student activism. This is the perfect opportunity to consider the prospects of running a solely digital campaign! What better way to start an interview than by explaining how you had an idea for addressing an issue, you acted on it and it resulted in making a permanent, long lasting and historical change…in the middle of a pandemic? There’s no reason why this can’t be you! Find out more here

AU Sports Clubs & BUCS

Digital?: Yes – Some socials may be held digitally. You can connect digitally with club members via email and Facebook Groups or Pages.
Physical?: TBC – opportunities are largely physical participation but could be changing due to Covid-19, always check the relevant club pages for the most up-to-date information.

And now for the more obvious ones, joining a student group. Joining one of our LSESU Sports Clubs also means that you become part of the Athletics Union. The Athletics Union is a large community of students who are interested in playing sport at any level, and it is a great way to make friends.

We have over 40 Athletics Union Sports Clubs that you can join, read more about them on our website. Most student groups will be running Give it a go sessions in the 1st term, so keep an eye on the Give it a go Calendar to spot any free taster sessions for the clubs that you’re interested in.


Digital?: Yes – some socials and events may be held digitally. You can connect digitally with societies via email and Facebook Groups or Pages
Physical?: TBC – opportunities may include physical participation but could be changing due to Covid-19.

From Debate and United Nations to Beekeeping and Cocktails, we’ve got such a huge range of societies for you to get involved in. No matter what your interests, beliefs or hobbies, we’re sure that you’ll find at least one that takes your fancy (we have over 200!). Or even if you don’t, you can easily start up your own society with the help of our Societies team.

This is a great way to make friends and engage in your favourite things or pass times. Check out the full list of societies here. There will also be give it a go sessions for societies, so keep your eyes on the give it a go calendar.