Student Wellbeing Society

Student Wellbeing Society

Student Wellbeing Society: Introduction

The LSESU Student Wellbeing Society aims to put student wellbeing first and foremost. Healthy student wellbeing entails a positive outlook, comfortable level of engagement and a healthy balance between work and leisure. We know that it can be hard to cope with the levels of stress and high expectations at the LSE, therefore the aim of our society is to bring together students and experts to collectively encourage solutions for coping with these pressures.

Student Wellbeing Society also aims to promote the ‘visibility of disability’ at the LSE as we are aware that there is still a lot of work to be done before the wellbeing of disabled students, both physically and mentally, is appropriately met.

Join us in learning more about your own wellbeing and helping to bring about real change to the environment and atmosphere at the LSE!

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