Alternative Music

Alternative Music


Alternative Music is a new society which aims to promote musical genres which are not decently represented at LSE yet.
The musical spectrum will remain quite large in order for our society to be inclusive and come as a unique solution to the current lack of representation.
This means we're interested in everything from uplifting dance music to Hardcore Rock&Roll as well as any other related alternative genres.

We will then hold events to foster access to those genres.
This includes notably the following:
1. To organize regular socials centred around music. Examples are: outings to clubs, to gigs or to cafes with free entry and music bands playing.
2. To provide a platform for members to communicate about forthcoming concerts/raves and find other people willing to come.
3. To implement an initiative for musicians to form bands and jam together regularly at the LSE.

We also aim to set up one-time events: to go together to a festival and to organize a flagship event at the end of the year with some bands playing in Lincoln's Inn Field.

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