Welcome to LooSE TV! We're a student television station that's passionate about making inspiring, informative and entertaining videos.


If you like watching interviews with media luminaries, comedy sketches, news bulletins and a whole host of other video content, then you've come to the right place! If competing in film competitions takes your fancy, then look no further! If you want to meet people you can laugh about Jersey Shore with, then this is the place to be!


We offer plenty of opportunities for you to get involved with the film-making process, including Acting, Directing, Filming, Editing, Writing and much, much more.


If you're more into non-television roles (e.g. marketing, events management), then we've got lots of opportunities available to you too.


So if being on TV sounds awesome to you (which most definitely does to us), then join this group and we'll keep all of you future Scorseses, Tarantinos and Clooneys clued up on our latest shows, film competitions and general LooSE gossip!

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