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Here you can find all the addition and niche information you may need to help plan your event. If you think there is something missing from this page, your need further support or have questions, please do let us know at Once you have all the information you need make sure you submit your event form on the Event Planning Page.


Planning Information

If you have people other than LSE students and/or staff attending or speaking at your event (ie people without a LSE ID card) you will need to make arrangements to get the event approved for delivery. This can include security support, risk management, and much more. The below sections should help you.

The Union works with the school to allow students to invite external speakers to their events and have policies to support this:

The points you need to consider and notify us of are:

If your speaker or topic is likely to cause contention then you may need to put in extra risk measures such as ticketing, an academic chair and security to control this. The Union will provide you with guidance on this.

If you speaker has their own security then LSE security team must be notified to provide a briefing. The Union will provide you with guidance on this.

If your event is open to the public you will need an academic chair which you can find information on below.Notify us of high-profile political figures (attendees or speakers) as it can require a lot of preparation, to ensure appropriate arrangements for reception, security and so on – especially if the visitor is to make a public appearance. Also, the LSE Director will wish to know about them, for example in cases in which she will try, as a courtesy, to be available to greet the visitor. This will also enable the relevant staff teams at LSE and LSESU to be informed of the event happening to support you.Staff or students planning to invite anyone in the following categories should inform ( at least 15 working days before the proposed visit:

  • - current or former Heads of State
  • - current or former Heads of Government (such as Prime Ministers)
  • - current UK government ministers (including the First Ministers of Scotland and Wales)
  • - any high-profile political figure whose presence on campus can be expected to arouse strong feelings and responses among the LSE community or the public.

If your event is open to the public you will need an academic chair which you can find information on below.

You will need to arrange access for your speaker into the building you are holding an event, you find out how to do this in events open to public in the tab below.

Events open to the public are subject to additional regulations (Public Meetings Act 1908). LSE offers a full programme of events open to the Public (PLP), so please consider applying for your event to be part of this programme. As follows are the steps you need to make to enable your events to be of a public nature:
  • Academic Chairs – When you arrange your speakers also you must arrange for an LSE Academic to chair the event. PhD student cannot be considered. If you do not have a Chair in place your event will need to be limited to LSE Staff and Students only or rescheduled when a suitable Chair is available. Brief the LSE Academic who is Chairing prior to the event (Chair’s guidelines will be provided).
  • Reason – You will need to provide the reason/purpose for opening the lecture to the Public, in addition to the LSE Community.
  • Ticket The Event– using the SU’s ticketing system in order to professionally manage numbers, entry to event and to provide a full attendee list to Security/Reception staff as required.
  • Stewarding– Arrange for required number of stewards to be on duty for the event and brief them in advance on their responsibilities (stewards guidelines will be provided)

Contact the reception of access controlled buildings the day before your event to provide them with the list of external visitors;

The Old Building is also access controlled at the weekends so please speak to the reception staff in advance for weekend access and email the attedee list to


For large events you will need to arrange to have a steward opposite the reception desk in the entrance of the building, where non LSE attendees can register and be checked against the attendee list

All Events that are open to the public should always be chaired by a suitable and experienced figure who is fully familiar with the School and their primary duty is to uphold freedom of speech within the law.This means that the Chair must adhere at all times to the School’s Code of Practice on Free Speech. The Chair also has important responsibilities in maintaining good order at events, and must follow the relevant School guidelines. Chairs at LSE events should therefore always act impartially in their facilitation of discussion and debate and may not be a speaker at the event.

It is your role as event organisers to find a suitable chair and we understand this can be difficult. You can use the academic directory as a good starting place

It is important once you have found your chair, you send them to chair guidelines as a risk management step and also send them a link to the guidance for speakers page so they can pass it on to your speakers.

Events Stewards have many responsibilities whilst stewarding an event which can include:

Health and Safety:

  • Prevention of over crowding
  • Looking out for Hazards
  • Knowing Fire and Emergency Procedures for the Building your in
  • Knowing First Aid Arrangements for the event

Other Roles & Tasks may include:

  • Setting up the venue prior to the event and restoring it to normal after the event.
  • Stewarding people into the venue, staffing a reception/registration point and ensuring that at a busy event all seats are filled.
  • Handing out leaflets or packs to attendees
  • Holding the roving microphones for Q & A sessions

It is important that Event Organiser's plan their events with stewards in mind. There are a number of ways in which you can have stewards at your event, by either having your own stewards as advised by the Union, or you can hire them from the LSE events department.. If you have an event in the Saw Swee Hock, The Union Events Team will advise you whether you need events stewards, or an event supervisor will is hired at £12 per hour. Further information about Event Supervisors can be found at the bottom of this page.

The event organiser will need to brief stewards on their tasks/roles whilst working for their event.

If event organisers decide to organise their own stewards (Committee members or group members) they must ensure that these stewards are given essential information for stewards to read before working at the event.

The Union has a team of students staff photographers than can be hired to cover your events at the cost of £11.43 per hour. To request photography, please email with a request coverage two weeks before you event as this gives us enough time to get a member of student staff booked in for your event.

If you wish to screen a film in public (for example, as part of an event), you will need to obtain relevant licences; such as a Screening Licence to cover copyright and a Premises Licence/Temporary Event Notice to comply with the Licensing Act 2003.

Screening licences can be obtained from a ‘filmbank’, such as the BFI, Filmbankmedia or MPLC, or direct from the copyright owner if a film (or the production company) is not covered by a filmbank (the School/LSESU has no flimbank licence for this reason). You can get support for sourcing the licensee from Cinema for all here

Permission to screen a film is not needed under section 34(2) of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, if a film is being shown to students for educational purposes. However, you must provide a justified reason as to how the screening is educational. Your relevant coordinator will sign off on whether to proceed on the purposes of educational screening.

Premises Licenses are dependent on the building in which you wish to hold your screening. All LSE Buildings do not hold a premise license, but the Saw Swee Hock Does. This means for SSH we can hold screenings. If you wish to hold the event in LSE which has a screening Applications must be made to the local council for a Premises Licence or Temporary Event Notices. Under the Licensing Act 2003, an exemption also exists for screenings of films for the purpose of information, instruction or education. Make sure you fill out an events proposal form so the team in the ARC can help you get your screening planned and delivered!

If your events cost to attend you will need to ticket your event. Also if you think your event is likely to be very popular and oversubscribed, you should give serious consideration to ticketing the event or having some kind of registration system in place. It may also be necessary to ticket event as part of a risk management process for high profile events as advised by the Union

If you are going to be ticketing an event, you must use the website to do this. You cannot use other websites as this would not be compliant with data protection laws, and you may be fined.

Getting your tickets set up on

  • You must complete an events proposal form, and on this, specify you would like to have tickets
  • You can email ARC staff and request them to add a ticket to your event page, or if we approve your event before you have requested this, the ARC staff may contact you to confirm the tickets being put up

The ticketing system is powerful as you can ask customisable questions with your tickets that help you plan your event, such as dietary requirements, accessibility needs and much more. If you wish to add a question to your ticket, please just let ARC staff know at the point of setting up your ticket

Once your ticket has been set up you can track ticket sales and any other details relating the sales by logging into and going to your events admin page

If you wish to create physical printed tickets for your event, the LSE events team may be able to help you with printing these for a price. Please find more information on this here.

More information to come

It is each event organiser's responsibility to ensure in all publicity that it is made clear that they will endeavour to provide particular access requirements on request. Event organisers should always provide a point of contact and ask that those with any access requirements, e.g relating to sensory impairments, to get in touch in advance of the event.

Further information on access requirements, building maps and more can be found on the LSE website here

You need to provide the Union with a list of your press attendee's a minimum of a week before the event

If you need support with your event being covered in the media or you think your event is likely to attract press attention, then you can contact the LSE Media Relations Office on and they can advise on preparing for media coverage, contacting journalists and what information to prepare for them.

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