Activities Fund

The Activities Fund is made up of two pots of money. One is for the development of societies and thier activities, the other is to develop sports clubs throughout the year. 


Decisions about which applications to fund are discussed by the relevant committee (AU Exec or Societies Exec), elected groups of students who meet every two weeks during term time. The final decision lies with the Activities and Development Officer, who chairs the committee.


There is no formal limit on the size of grants to be allocated, but, in general, the committee does not approve applications of more than £1,000 unless there is a very good reason to do so. This is to ensure that a large number of clubs and societies are able to benefit from the fund. That being said, there is no limit on the number of applications that you can make during the year for different projects.


What can you apply for?



A full list of the guidelines used by the Societies Exec when considering applications is available to download.


You can apply a wide range of projects, events, equipment that your society may want to run or purchase. 

Sports Clubs:


A full list of the guidelines used by the AU when considering applications is available to download.


The activities fund for sports clubs exists to support them throughout the year, the committee will consider a wide range of applications. In past years we have supported;


  • – New equipment to replace outdated equipment
  • – Specialised training sessions to increase participation
  • – Urgently required equipment/kit


This year we are pleased to announce that the activities fund will help support clubs to enable competitive opportunities for their members. This includes supporting clubs financially with costs associated with either hosting or travelling towards cup matches upon progression or/and competing in national championships (BUCS nationals or equivalent).


How to apply?


If you think your proposed idea meets the criteria, you can apply online below.


Your application will then be sent to the Activities Committee who will meet every two weeks during term-time. They will discuss your application in their next meeting and you will receive an email with the outcome within two weeks of the committee meeting. There are no appeals for rejected applications.

The fund has now closed for this academic year.