Organise an event or trip

Planning an event, activity or trip is a brilliant way to bring together your society or club members, as well other students at LSE. There are a number of different processes in place to make sure your activities run smoothly. Below contains lots of information that will help you, and lots of information about the support we can give. If you are planning an event or trip, please ensure that have completed the LSESU online training module on Running Events and Trip as this covers the basics of what you need to do.


To make it easier for you, we have split events up into two sections, running events on campus (in the Student’s Union or in an LSE Space) or off-campus. Please refer to the specific area below for your event:

  • Event – this is anything that your group organises, it can be in a SU room, in an LSE room, or somewhere else in London (within the parameter of the M25). Anything that is overnight constitution as a trip.
  • Trip – a trip is any event that lasts overnight (or longer) and/or is taking place outside of the confines of the M25 motorway. If you wish to plan a trip instead of an event, please complete thisform



Events Planning - Step 1

As a registered group of LSESU, you can gain support with events from us. To help you we have broken the event process down in to three easy steps:

  • Step 1: – Plan your event using our support guides below to ensure you have thought about everything
  • Step 2: – Fill in an events proposal form and submit it to the SU. We will get back to you within 5 working days with approval or edits
  • Step 3: – Once approved, complete all other needed forms for you event such as catering, ticketing or much more


Before you start, there are somethings that are good to consider when you start to plan your activity which we have provide guidance for below:


To help you with this here is a check list to help you before you get to the next step.


When planning an event, ensuring you manage your finances properly is important. You have to make sure you plan for the correct income to be raised so you can run the event professionally, whilst spending money appropriately. Having a plan for this, and record to keep track is really important.


We ask that all student group events with an expected budget of over £500 to complete a budget template and attach it to their Event Proposal Form. Make sure when you are planning you consider all your spends and where you are going to bring all of your money in from which includes your group account, sponsorship, ticket sales and more.


The template can be found here



It is really important that you have strong communication with your choice of venue to ensure your event goes ahead with out any issues. Use the guidance below to begin planning your event with no problems.


Events within the Students’ Union

  • > To book a space in the Students’ Union, please refer to our Bookable Spaces page for information on the spaces, but you must request the space by completing the Event Proposal Form. (The Booking Form is the Event Proposal Form)
  • > Our Events Team will take you through all aspects of your booking before your event is confirmed.


Events within an LSE Space

  • > To book a space in LSE, please complete an events proposal form (Step 2) as early as possible and The Students Union will aim to get back to you with in 5 working days.
  • Following your event being approved by the SU, please refer to our LSE Spaces page. We have also produced a Room Bookings training modulethat gives you more information, you will need to complete this to gain room booking rights.
  • > The LSE Room Bookings Team will take you through all aspects of your booking before your room is confirmed; part of this process may involve completing a Room Booking Information Form which will be sent to you.
  • > After filling out a Room Booking Information Form you will be signposted to contact LSE Security, LSE AV and Students’ Union (for Catering) if you require any additional services to run your event (these services will incur additional charges).


    When planning events at an external venue, there are extra considerations that must be taken into account. This can be anything from choosing the venue, bargaining for costs, planning catering with them, more forms but most importantly contracts and deadlines. All of the below must be done before submitting your event proposal form.
  • > Timings:When holding an event at an external venue, plan far in advance, getting contracts and payments sorted take time and you do not want any problems!!
  • > Quotes:Ensure when choosing venues you ask for a quote of your services, and compare this to at least 3 other venues that are similar to ensure you are getting the best for money!
  • > Contracts:With many external companies, there is a contract that must best drawn up between them and the Union society. It is important you do not sign this personally as it will make you personally liable. You must complete an event proposal form and attach it so that the Union can read it, approve it and sign it. If you have any invoices for an external venue to be paid by us, you MUST have submitted an events form and contract.

Remember! Plan early and send us your contracts!


  • Make sure when you plan your events that they are easy for your attendees to get to otherwise this may have detrimental effect on how many people will come.
  • You need to consider how much equipment etc you may need to transport to the event without costing the society too much funds or whether there is an easier way of doing this?
  • If you need to hire a coach or minibus, please contact your coordinator for further support



More information to come.



More information to come.



If you wish to screen a film in public (for example, as part of an event), you will need to obtain relevant licences; such as a Screening Licence to cover copyright and a Premises Licence/Temporary Event Notice to comply with the Licensing Act 2003.


Screening licences can be obtained from a ‘filmbank’, such as the BFI, Filmbankmedia or MPLC, or direct from the copyright owner if a film (or the production company) is not covered by a filmbank (the School/LSESU has no flimbank licence for this reason). You can get support for sourcing the licensee from Cinema for all here


If you are looking at booking a space for your activity, you can find more information out on the Bookable Spaces page.

Permission to screen a film is not needed under section 34(2) of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, if a film is being shown to students for educational purposes. However, you must provide a justified reason as to how the screening is educational. Your relevant coordinator will sign off on whether to proceed on the purposes of educational screening.


Applications must be made to the local council for a Premises Licence or Temporary Event Notices. Under the Licensing Act 2003, an exemption also exists for screenings of films for the purpose of information, instruction or education. Make sure you fill out an events proposal form so the team in the ARC can help you get your event planned and delivered!


There are also some other really important things to consider:

  • > Aim of your activity - What are you as a group wanting to get out of it, and what will your members get out of it?
  • > Additional Services – Do you need anything from Catering, AV, Security? Is there a cost associated to this?

Event Proposal Form - Step 2


Below are the link for the forms you will need to complete:


Events Proposal Form - any event which is not over night or outside of the M25 motorway parameter.

Risk Assessment Form - this needs to be uploaded to every Events Form or Trips Form that you complete.


Additional Events Events Support

    Catering can be ordered for events on campus by following the information below.


    Certain rooms are exclusive to some catering services (LSE or LSESU). Check what catering you can get for the room you have booked please refer to Schedule A of the policy on provision of informal hospitality catering in LSE by following this link


  • LSESU Catering
  • We advise that you use the LSESU catering services as your first option if possible as we offer discounts to student groups. We need a minimum of 7 working days notice.


  • > The Students’ Union Catering Service offers catering options to societies and clubs who run events in the SAW building, SU spaces and on campus. To find out more information on catering on campus and order please complete this form. Orders must be placed at least 7 working days before the event.

  • LSE Catering
  • LSE catering may be required for some rooms, and will need a minimum of 10 days notice


  • > The LSE Catering Service offers catering options to societies and clubs who run events on campus. To find out more information please follow this link and order the catering by filling out this form. LSE Catering will not accept orders outside of this order form, and orders must be placed at least 10 working days before the event.

  • Bars on Campus
  • Bars are available from LSESU & LSE but will need a minimum of 10 days notice


  • > The Tuns – For information on holding events in The Tuns please click here.
  • > George IV – You need a bar tab to confirm a booking in the the George IV. To order catering and set up a bar tab please fill out this form. Bar tabs are a minimum of £150 Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and a minimum of £250 on Thursday and Friday.


The Students’ Union has a number of items that you can use for your event. Please email with the item you require and when you will need it.


Items that you can use include:

  • > Nikon D3300 Camera – No SD Card
  • > 3 GoPros (2 for Clubs; 1 for Societies) – No SD Card
  • > 2 GoPro Player/Chest Mount
  • > 2 GoPro Selfie Arm
  • > 2 GoPro Suction Cup Mounts
  • > 1 GoPro Head Mount
  • > 1 GoPro Octopus Mount
  • > 1 GoPro Buoyancy Mount
  • > 1 GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp Mount
  • > 6 Purple LSESU Branded Tableclothes


Old Theatre AV Equipment



The LSE Students' Union was awarded money from the LSE Annual Fund to update the AV equipment in the Old Theatre. If you wish to use the stage lighting system for your show in the Old Theatre you will need to complete this form and get training from LSE AV. There are also two wireless microphones that work with the sound system in the Old Theatre, if you require these please complete this form. If you wish to get access to the LSE Annual Fund AV equipment (provided you have completed the form and received the necessary training) you must come to the ARC, 1st floor of the Students' Union Building between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.



  • > If you would like to sell tickets for your event you can do this through the LSESU website. Email with the link to the event on and some details (i.e. event name, date, time, place, number of tickets to be sold, price, deadline for buying tickets).
  • > We can also help you promote your event, head to the Promote your Group Page.


Promoting your event is a really important part of delivering a successful event. Please do not start promoting or creating material until your event has been approved. For lots of information on promoting your event, please click here


Service Level Agreement - this is a form and contract that you will need to complete if you wish to hire a coach, teacher, instructor, etc.


Looking for alumni speakers? Wish to invite alumni to a networking session or event? Want to learn from the experiences of LSE alumni in a wide range of industries? Connect with alumni through the Alumni Relations team for your events and other endeavours. Please allow sufficient time (at least six weeks prior) to connect before your event date.


Get in Touch


We can give you advice and suggestions on how to best run trips and events, so feel free to get in touch with:

Alternatively, pop into the ARC on the 1st Floor, Saw Swee Hock Student Centre, between 10am and 4pm.