Anooshka Choudhary

Postgraduate Students' Officer 2019–2020


A quick Q&A with your Postgraduate Students' Officer

What courses did you do at LSE?

I did MSc Accounting and Finance and graduated in July 2019. And now, I’m doing my second master’s, Global MSc in Management also at LSE. 

What societies and clubs were you a part of?

What else have you gotten involved in during your time at LSE? As for societies, I am a part of the LSE SU South Asia Society, LSE SU Women’s Basketball Team, LSE SU Bacchus Wine Society and LSE SU Itchy Feet Society. I am the President of LSE Grosvenor House Studios for over a year now. I was one of the SSLC reps for Department of Accounting last year. This year, I’m a Student Ambassador for Department of Management. 

What is your favourite thing about LSE?

I just love how international LSE is, it’s the we have the world on our fingertips. 

What is the one priority/project of yours that they should look out for this year and why?

I am really focusing on higher Postgrad inclusivity in everything the SU does. I’ll be looking at hosting a few postgrad focused events that’ll help Postgrads across departments to come together. I’m also hoping to have a 24x7 cafe on campus alongside having vending machines in the LSE library. 

Top 3 things Postgrads should do in their postgrad year

  1. Explore the variety of things LSE has to offer, growth happens outside of class too.
  2. Take off your headphones and plug into the real LSE world so you can make the best of what’s being offered to you!
  3. Join societies, attend public lectures, be a part of the AU, explore London and make friends!!

What is the most important service of LSESU/LSE that students should know about?

The Students Union Fund because it gives any group of students to turn their idea into a reality

What's the best advice generally for postgraduate students?

Take your headphones off and plug into the real LSE world and be on the lookout to explore!