Bilal Bin Saqib

Postgraduate Students' Officer 2018–2019



About Bilal

Tell us about your LSE experience.

Nothing less than a roller coast ride. Pursuing a Masters in Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship and having the opportunity to represent and work for over 7,000 students at the LSE is an amazing experience.

What’s your role all about?

My role is to represent the 7,000 student population of postgraduates at the LSE. They make up approx over 65% of the student population. My responsibility is to voice their concerns, engage them, increase their student experience & satisfaction.

Your advice for new students?

Make the most of your time at this prestigious university. Get involved in as many activities and groups as possible. It is the process that defines not the end result. Hence make sure you indulge in it fully outside your academic commitments.

Describe yourself in three words.

Passionate, Empathetic, Resilient


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