December 5th 2019 UGM

Should LSESU lobby LSE to provide sanitary products (both tampons and pads) free of charge in all LSE bathrooms?

Proposed by: Maria Golub

Seconded by: Alina Gamilova

What's the issue?

Sanitary products are a necessity for many people, and yet it is hard to access these products for free. This means that having a period can be a time of great stress, as well as a financial burden. Students should not have to worry about their period arriving unexpectedly on campus, and how it could affect their financial situation or emotional wellbeing. Having free sanitary products in all LSE bathrooms would mean that students would not have to travel all the way to the SU to access something that they need immediately. This model has already proven popular in the SU bathrooms, so we know that the demand is there.

What's the solution?

LSESU should lobby LSE to implement free of charge sanitary products in all LSE bathrooms. The access to the sanitary products should be available for all students, faculty and staff.